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Flat bread in Fort Worth, TX? Baklava Bakery in Arlington, TX is hard to beat

My daughter and I have developed a taste for a certain flat/pita bread baked by a local bakery.  We pick it up in a specialty store in Fort Worth because the bakery itself is in Arlington and the specialty store is closer.  There was one day though that we both really wanted to have an avocado wrap made from that special flat bread and our specialty store was out.  We were thinking that we could pick it up somewhere else since it is a local bakery and we thought they might distribute to other local grocery stores.  Well we couldn't find it that day and we really were tempted to just drive over to Arlington and stock up on the stuff, but we decided instead to purchase some other brand of flat bread that came from somewhere in California.  We were so dissapointed.  It didn't even come close to the wonderful tasting flat bread that Baklava makes.  From now on we will stock up on the stuff when our local shoppe has it and if you are someone in the area that appreciates a good wrap or pita sandwich, let me highly recommend the stuff from Baklava.  Yum!!!

Comment balloon 0 commentsSamantha Davault • March 10 2010 07:48PM